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A collection of images usually taken when i travel or when I am in the studio.

In the studio I photograph models for commercial, editorial and fashion projects. When I am traveling I shoot the 'site' and then what ever I find of interest.

I like complicated light

if you want to set up a shoot, i am in London

This is me shooting macro.  I don’t think you can guess what this is, but it’s something you use every day and I just looked at it a different way.  It was shot in film so there are some artifacts post scanning but its a real cracker when you print from the original…or at least that is what the owner of the prints thinks.  He has 3 of them in a public location.

Not really in my direct view but I know its there.  This will be going off for nearly two hours.  No, it’s not a test its a freaking faulty system.  When I called the company they said to call the fire department (fire brigade for some) and could not advise me to go into the building because of fire risk.  This is “policy” and a guy who can turn it off only starts work at 9am and then it will take him about 30min to get to you, depending on traffic.

This us what happens on set. No, it does not stay on set

It’s been a while.  One of my favorite places in London is Borough Market.  It’s vibrant, fun and filled with great characters who are passionate about their food and product.  This new addition to the market where they have cooking demos on is excellent.  These guys are from the Shangri-la restaurant in the Shard.  It was a great way to spend part of a Friday lunch.  They set has audio and a top mirror so you can see exactly what they are doing (assuming the one jackass who stood right in front of the demo moved)

I will be back.

France at speed

There is lots going on here. The votive candles was in the Cathedral of our Lady. As was the pulpit. The picture in black is not black. There are actually eight swans a swimming in this picture. It’s not the photographer, it’s the camera. Blame Steve jobs if you don’t see them.
And the tower. Isn’t it gorgeous. Also from Our Lady. It’s in brick and think about how far you can see it, especially in a country as flat as Belgium.

Ok, I had to hit a pub and this one is Punta Est. I am sure it has something to do with bridges given that there are three here. Not that it matters. They serve beer and that is a crucial role of pubs. That and calling a restaurant from earlier other day to retrieve a lost item.

The last one? Well, I know you want to be here, but you’re not so I took the pic for you.

Get yourself to Bruges.

Meanwhile in Bruges

Yes, sometimes my current view is actually this good.  It’s the excellent, versatile, professional, Ulorin Vex .  I always enjoy doing something different with her and because she is so versatile she can quite easily do fashion and beauty work.

Even though this was at the end of an 8hr shoot, the effort always leads to great results.

Ok, Belinda is not laughing in this one, but 3 seconds before she was.  I really like how the dress flows over the little tub like a waterfall of fabric.  Corniness over!

aside from traveling a lot I have managed to get into the studio.  Yes, Belinda actually looks like this.  What’s even better is how much she laughs.