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A collection of images usually taken when i travel or when I am in the studio.

In the studio I photograph models for commercial, editorial and fashion projects. When I am traveling I shoot the 'site' and then what ever I find of interest.

I like complicated light

if you want to set up a shoot, i am in London

I travel a bit and also used to shoot film.  Here are some film examples from Spain

If I fitz I sitz
Bodie is such a sweetie

So it rains here

Cross Bones Cemetary

I watched a documentary on this cemetery.  Then I googled it and realised it was close to Borough Market and thought I would have a wander by today.  The first pic is inside and shows one small memorial the second is of the Memorial gate and the third…well, that is a writ of possession that means TfL will get the land and likely develop it.

Excellent story and background here


This was fun.  I made a bet about 2 months before the event and finally cashed out today.  Not that I care about or follow football / soccer but it gave me a reason to be interested and entertained over two months.

Thomas Newcomen invented the Newcomen engine (atmospheric engine) in 1712 to get water out of mines and was a improved upon by James Watt to get us the steam engine, industrial revolution etc.

He gets a street named after him in London.  Can’t say it’s a brilliant street…cigarette buts, chicken wing bones, napkin and top to it off, puke splatter on the wall.

This is Boadicea.  She is asleep.  She sleeps like it’s her job.

You have to love walking around London and in an unexpected moment you get a Banksy-esque image like this one.  Sorta cheers you up.  I really like when someone takes images that are in the popular psyche and giving them a clever twist.

Spain this time around.  These are from Cordoba.  The food shot is tapas, obviously.  The menu was extensive and so was my appetite.  I am pretty sure I got through about 80% of the menu at the Siesta restaurant.  What was even better was the price….very agreeable and about half of what i would have spent in London for a similar amount / quantity of tapas.

Now, the arches and the dome.  They are from the Mequite or Mezquita.  i was not certain what I should expect from the outside of the building.  The walls are a soft yellow colour and has the look of a castle and not at all a mosque or a cathedral.  Inside is a different story altogether.  Fantastic repeating arches make for a tranquil and contemplative interior of the worlds second largest mosque which is rather rudely interrupted by a cathedral in the centre.